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The Career Course October 2021

This course (run over ten sessions) will allow frustrated florists to fulfil their floral dreams!

11th/12th/13th/20th/27th October 3rd/10th/17th/24th November 1st December 2021 -FULL

The next Career Course we are booking for is MARCH 2022 -please scroll through the calendar to see details and to book.


  • Each session we will cover a different aspect of floral design, looking at the theory behind the designs and then creating them to take home.
  • The emphasis will be on covering a wide variety of designs that any working florist would be expected to know.
  • There is a whole session dedicated to the business of floristry too….you will have all the know how to start your own business after the course.
  • There is ongoing mentoring and support once you finish too.
  • The course is structured to allow the greatest opportunity for practice and study in between sessions
  • We generally start with three intensive days together and then change to once every week or two for seven further sessions
  • A ‘Secret’ What’s App group is set up for each course so there is ample opportunity for contact with each other and the tutor between sessions. This remains open after the course finishes.
  • The Sussex Flower School Forum (Facebook group -feel free to join now!) is available for work experience and job opportunities
  • We are working towards being as Eco aware as possible but still use foam (bio if possible) to teach some of the key designs. Eco alternatives will be discussed (or used) for every design you learn so you will have a good working knowledge that can be topped up with the ‘Going Green’ course or many of the other foam free courses.
  • All our waste is separated and composted where applicable.

Please look at the ‘Dates’ section of the website for dates of each session (also see above list)

The course includes an accompanied trip to Covent Garden Flower Market (travel costs etc at own expense)

On completion of the course you will receive a certificate of completion (valid for CPD), a new floristry career and friends for life!

The course includes all material and refreshments. 

Please bring your own lunch.

You also receive a toolbox with scissors, knife, rose stripper etc to get you started….

Suitable for all levels. You take all your designs home with you.

We are happy to accept payments of £500 to secure your place. These are non refundable, however, if you need to change dates you can transfer the payment to the next floristry Career Course or an alternative course. We can create a payment plan to suit you.

If you would like to chat to any of the past students do just let us know and we will put you in touch…feel free to join The Sussex Flower School Forum (Facebook group) too to see what everyone is up to and see how many job opportunities we can offer…

We are happy to teach the course One to One on dates to suit you (1-1 rates apply)


  • On completion of the course you will become eligible for lifetime, FREE access to Flower Therapy sessions. You will still need to book online but use the offer code FTCC and you will pay nothing.
  • You will also EACH receive an hours’ mentoring with Georgia after the course finishes (to be taken with 12 months of your finish date) to help you plan your next steps or go over anything you need to.

*Practical Designs

Session One

  • Books, websites and information sources
  • Dealing with wholesalers -the supply chain
  • Working with floral foam -pros and cons
  • Table Arrangements -considerations/transport/containers etc
  • Introduction to the first of the ‘must know’ shapes
  • *Low circular, wreath arrangement -circle (key shape 1) (Oasis recyclable base with Bio foam)

Session Two

  • Sourcing and Conditioning materials and establishing a toolbox
  • *Tall riser stand as a high arrangement – sphere (key shape 2) (Oasis ‘standard’ foam)
  • Transference of techniques to other designs


Session Three

  • Flowers for the Home – Retail designs -how to price for retail (versus event)
  • Taking card payments etc -options
  • Reducing wastage
  • Health and Safety and Legal requirements/insurance etc -risk assessments, COSHH, ROSPA etc
  • Wrapping techniques -Six point wrapping, ‘Chelsea’ and counter wrap
  • *Spiralled Hand Tied Bouquet and Aqua Pack
  • Mood Board -discussion and homework…


Session Four

  • Presentation of your Mood Board
  • SWOT analysis, GANT charts etc
  • Your business plan and route to market..
  • The Business of floristry- set up/accountants etc
  • Business registration, branding, website etc
  • Social Media -how to use to your advantage
  • *Top table Arrangement (Key shape 3)  (AgraWool- compostable medium/Oasis ‘Floral Fibre’)

Sesion Five

  • Funerals -How to take a funeral order -considerations/requirements
  • Funeral designs -discussion and demo/practice of ‘ribboning’ for based designs
  • ECO week -all the techniques explained
  • *Single ended coffin spray (Cross- key shape 4)  (Sphagnum moss base)

Session Six

  • Wedding consultations
  • Wedding/Event pricing
  • Terms and Conditions
  • The enquiry process
  • Presentation of designs
  • Hiring kit to brides
  • Wedding Fairs/promotion etc
  • *Hand Tied wedding bouquet with ribboned handle,
  • Discussion of ‘egg’ technique…how to create loose, trailing ‘on trend’ wedding  bouquets…

Session Seven

  • Contract design- the ins and outs -pitching, maintenance, design, price points etc..
  • Elements and Principles of Design -the theory behind design
  • * ‘Free flowing’ footed urn arrangement -The Instagram Urn’ (chicken wire and a pin holder) (key shape 5 -the 3D Triangle).

Session Eight

  • Wiring Week -all the techniques
  • *Buttonholes and corsages
  • *Flower Crowns

Session Nine

  • Working on site -legalities and logistics
  • Working as a freelancer (dictated flower choice -how will you feel?!)
  • Large scale designs -issues?
  • Transportation/Logistics etc
  • * Pedestal arrangement in a large footed urn  (Oasis Bio foam)

Session Ten

  • *Bridal Bouquet- loose and unstructured
  • Consolidation of learning ‘Test’ -written, marked in class (not pass or fail!)
  • Where from here -options
  • Flower Therapy and mentoring invitations! How to stay in the loop…


“How do we adequately thank you for everything you have taught us: flowers and more. The best course I have ever done!” Lisa

“The course was filled with love, laughter, support and genuine encouragement. Not just from Georgia but from Christine who was assisting Georgia and all the other girls on the course. Each week we would learn different sections of floristry as well as be able to practice and each week one or a few of the girls would have woes and worries about their new business ventures and we’d all listen and support each other, giving advice and brain storming to try and sort any problem out”  Jenna

“Just a wee note to say a HUGE thank you for such a wonderful couple of months on the Career Change Course. I have loved every minute of it and will miss my weekly dose of the TSFS medicine! You are a fantastic teacher and mentor and you offer such a unique and nourishing learning environment.” Emma

“Such a wonderful course, I’ve absolutely loved it! Each of the sessions were so well planned; the perfect mix of information, practical work and cake!

“It really is a career changer, I feel like I have everything I need to get started as a florist now and very supported, I know there is a whole network of support from the others on the course as well as Georgia and the forum which is very reassuring.

“Would 100% recommend, I’ve already earmarked a whole list of further courses I want to do at The Sussex Flower School! ” Laura

“I have just completed the course for a career change with the most wonderful Georgia. This has been the best experience of my life and not only inspirational but truly motivating, encouraging and enlightening. Anyone that is looking for a new direction and a future full of promise need look no further” Maranda

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