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Life Sessions

Life Sessions- what do they involve?

These sessions are held  1-1 and are all about YOU and your life.  Are you feeling uninspired? Lost? Stagnated? Too old to change? Scared? Alone? Somehow not on the ‘right path’? I will lead you through a two hour transformative ‘Life Session’  in the comfort of your own home (or mine if that’s easier). So, what is involved?

We will start with a relaxing drink and chat as I take you through a questionnaire designed to get you thinking! There is absolutely no pressure, no rights or wrongs we will simply assess where you are now.

We will then use various techniques and methods to help you clarify exactly what you want and the logical steps to get there. We might use mind maps, card decks, lists, writing, books, questioning, drawing …or I might just listen as you unravel the knots. Nothing is scary or involves any skill!

There is no physical action (eg yoga) in these sessions although you should wear comfortable clothes and come prepared to take your shoes off…

Together we will create a plan of action. This will give you a reference ‘map’ and allow you to identify achievable and measurable goals. I will be your accountability person ie I will check in with you after a few days (via Zoom) to see how you are getting on…(again no pressure).

This is life coaching but not as you know it.

This is counselling but not as you know it.

This is mentoring but not as you know it.

Please e mail me to arrange a suitable date, time and place.

Cost per two hour session is £60