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This is a list in date order of the (non bespoke) courses we offer at the school.  There are LOTS more courses in the pipeline for 2019...I just need the holidays to come so I have time to update them! 

To book online please go the 'Courses' or 'Career Floristry' tabs and drop down the menu to find the course you would like to book. 

All the 'extra' courses like Social Media,  Flower Therapy, One to One etc are under the Career Floristry tab.

Any problems or if you'd prefer to pay by bank transfer please contact Georgia via the Contact tab ... 

March 2019
  • Monday 18th Career Change Course B (session 5)
  • Tuesday 19th  The Bridal Party
  • Wednesday 20th Eco Spring Wreath
  • Thursday 21st Huge Flower Globe
  • Friday 22nd  Career Change Course  A and B (session 6)
  • Monday 25th Career Change Course B (session 7)
  • Tuesday 26th Spring Floral Designs
  • Wednesday 27th Hand Tied Bouquets
  • Thursday  28th Career Change Course B (session 8) 
  • Friday 29th Career Change Course A (session 5)

April 2019
  • Wednesday 3rd Career Change Course B (session 9 -final date)
  • Thursday 4th Suspended Flowers 
  • Friday 5th  Career Change Course A (session 7)
  • Saturday 6th Eco Spring Wreath
  • Tuesday 9th Going Green
  • Thursday 11th Flower Therapy
  • Friday 12th  Career Change Course A (session 8)
  • Thursday 25th Abundant Urn -foam free
  • Friday 26th Career Change Course A (session 9- final date)
  • Saturday 27th The Classic Hand Tied Bouquet (morning)
  • Saturday 27th Top Table Design (afternoon)
  • Tuesday 30th Floristry for Beginners

May 2019

  • Wednesday 1st Glamorous Garlands
  • Thursday 9th Flower Therapy
  • Friday 10th  Creative Candelabras
  • Saturday 11th Fabulous Floral Arch
  • Tuesday 14th The Perfect Pedestal
  • Wednesday 15th Everyday Flowers for the Home
  • Thursday 16th Meet and Mingle (evening)
  • Friday 24th  Passion for Peonies

June 2019

  • Tuesday 4th Meadow Box
  • Wednesday 5th Floral Chandelier (foam free)
  • Thursday 6th Constance Spry -her legacy
  • Saturday 8th Flower Crowns
  • Wednesday 12th Flower Therapy
  • Thursday 13th Dinner Party Flowers
  • Friday 21st The Bridal Party
  • Saturday 22nd  Floral Chandelier (foam free)

July 2019

  • Thursday 1st Setting up a Flower Business
  • Tuesday 2nd Wild and Free 'Egg' technique wedding bouquet
  • Friday 5th Beginners Floral Design 
  • Saturday 20th New Covent Garden Flower Market trip

September 2019

  • Thursday 12th Dahlia Masterclass
  • Tuesday 17th Career Course (session 1)
  • Wednesday 18th Career Course (session 2)
  • Thursday 19th Career Course (session 3)
  • Friday 20th Everyday Flowers
  • Friday 27th Career Course (session 4)

October 2019
  • Thursday 3rd Floral Chandelier (foam free)
  • Friday 4th Career Change (session 5)
  • Friday 11th Career Change (session6)
  • Friday 18th Career Change (session 7)
  • Wednesday 23rd Fabulous Floral Arch
  • Thursday 24th Autumnal Splendour
  • Friday 25th Career Change (session 8)

November 2019

  • Friday 8th Career Change (session 9 -final date)

December 2019

  • Monday 2nd Christmas Wreaths
  • Tuesday 3rd Christmas Wreaths
  • Wednesday 4th Christmas Wreaths
  • Thursday 5th Christmas Wreaths
  • Friday 6th Christmas Wreaths
  • Saturday 7th Christmas Wreaths
  • Monday 9th Christmas Wreaths
  • Tuesday 10th Christmas Wreaths
  • Wednesday 11th Christmas Wreaths
  • Thursday 12th Christmas Wreaths
  • Friday 13th Christmas Wreaths
  • Saturday 14th Christmas Wreaths