Weekend Courses

  • Long and Low Design- Foam Free

    Suitable for all levels
    A chance to learn this key design which is suitable for top tables and easily adaptable to mantlepieces, windowsills and the middle of long, skinny tables -this time entirely FOAM FREE.  ...
  • Covent Garden Flower Market Trip

    suitable for everybody
    Are you desperate to visit New Covent Garden Flower Market but a bit scared of going on your own? This is the answer...! Each Career Course is taken as a group to the flower market and I offer th...
  • Wired Floral Crown

    Suitable for all levels
    Would you like to learn to create a beautiful floral crown ? These is one of the most common designs asked for at weddings and seems to cause the most problems...so let's demystify the mechanics and get Instagramming!   ...