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Studio with flowers

This section is to inspire you to go for it.....!

'Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it.
Boldness has genius, power and magic in it.'

Goethe, On Commitment 

'Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?'

Mary Oliver

VERY proud to have trained the Royal Wedding florist....

If you would like a good quality floristry course there are plenty to choose from but finding bespoke courses tailored exactly to your own needs can be challenging. Before setting up my own floristry business I was keen to learn some additional key skills. I found various colleges and floristry schools in London and the South East which covered all these specific skills, but over a variety of different courses and a great number of months.Instead I wanted to create my own bespoke condensed course taught by a highly skilled tutor. After some research I was finally introduced to Georgia. Georgia quickly understood my requirements and was quick to adapt. During our lessons she was calm, kind, enthusiastic and incredibly encouraging. Since I have had the privilege of working with Georgia on a variety of events and when the time comes for us to recruit and train new colleagues I hope that Georgia will very much be a part of that process. I trust her judgement implicitly' Philippa Craddock (2010)


I had been thinking of becoming a freelance florist for a couple of years and I was on the look out for a course which would meet my expectations. I wanted something up to date and I wished to learn skills which would take me through traditional designs but also more on trend arrangements and techniques. I had been considering a couple of courses in London, but there was always the additional cost of travel or accommodation, however I wasn't sure if I'd get the same standard of course if I opted for a local school…When I found out about Georgia and the school I was very excited as it sounded exactly what I was looking for.i knew the course was perfect for me the minute I met Georgia. Such an inspirational lady with a passion for flowers, immense knowledge of floristry and heaps of kind and funny encouragement...Georgia has taught me all the skills I need. I started as a flower enthusiast and left as a professional florist and my own business.

all the materials are of brilliant quality, there's always plenty of choice to work with.even after I'd finished the course i can still rely on the support of the school and my fellow students which is so lovely and helpful.

I would recommend this course to anyone considering floristry as a career, i can confidently say...you won't regret it!

Zuzana Hewer  www.figtreeflowers.co.uk

I attended a 2 day one to one intro to floristry course with Georgia at the school in June 2014 to see if my love for flowers really could be more than just a dream. I loved those two days more than anything and it only confirmed what I already knew...I had to leave my current job in the exhibition industry and become a florist straight away! Ha! If only it could happen that quick! I knew that in the future that is what I had to do, I just needed to start planning! Georgia had said I really should join the Career Change course in March 2015 as that would help me with everything I wanted to know. I thought about it for ages and struggled with how I would take every Friday off at my permanent work and in the end after much worrying and thinking, I took a massive leap and just booked it! Best thing I have ever done! 

The course was full with love, laughter, support and genuine encouragement. Not just from Georgia but from Christine who was assisting Georgia and all the other girls on the course. Each week we would learn different sections of floristry as well as be able to practice and each week one or a few of the girls would have woes and worries about their new business ventures and we'd all listen and support each other, giving advice and brain storming to try and sort any problem out. This was also helped by the gorgeous cake supplied by Philippa Vine from the Bluebell Farm Shop....yum! We would leave there full to the brim and cheeks hurting from laughing so much, and our problems put to bed. The last day of the course was so emotional but with a Facebook group and a next meeting date already in place everyone left feeling like it defiantly wasn't goodbye forever. We also left feeling confident that we could all have our floristry businesses up and running with a little hard work, dedication, positivity and that we could contact Georgia if we needed any advice/help on anything!  

With the support from everyone including Georgia and Christine on our Facebook group everyone helped me and gave me advice on roads I should or should not take once the course was finished. Even if it was just to vent in the group, it helped! I've finally purchased my vintage camper which I plan to sell abundance of flowers from in the next few weeks! I do believe all the girls involved in the March 2015 Career Change group played a massive part in me having the strength to have the confidence to do so! I'm hoping mine and all the girls businesses are a huge success and I know we will all remain to support one another throughout our flowery journey. I could not recommend Georgia's courses enough, they really are life changing. Once you go, you really won't want to leave! 

 Jenna - Ivy Florence - www.ivyflorence.co.uk

'Having worked in Sales for 5 years, I picked up the local college course guide on whim and decided to sign up to the City and Guilds course in Floristry, it gave me the basics. Then I found Georgia at The Sussex Flower School and this is where all the practical business and technical skills I was missing came from. I had a week 'one on one' and tackled every gap in my knowledge and showered Georgia with a thousand questions, all of which she answered and injected the confidence I needed it- it was the perfect fit and I adored every moment. From there the idea for the business grew and last year our out-building was converted into a studio. I now live, work and grow our own flowers within a few steps.'

Emily Wisher www.emilywisher.co.uk 

'In 2012 I was overcome with the desire to work again with flowers, having not done so for many years. As I started to consider floristry as a serious pursuit, I came across The Sussex Flower School online and decided a days one to one with Georgia might help me make up my mind! That day spent with Georgia has been one of the best investments for my business as Georgia encouraged and developed long forgotten skills and empowered me with insider information to help get me started. Since then, I have kept in touch with Georgia, who remains extremely generous and truly supportive of me and my business.'

Rachel Grimes www.rachelgrimesflowers.co.uk

'My passion has always been with flowers from a young age, however , as much as I tried, it can be a difficult business to get in to, especially with no qualifications. I came across Georgia's website whilst on holiday and thinking over my options and it seemed to be the perfect solution to kick start following my dream. I was excited to see the Career Change course available and (getting very excited!) I decided to book. It was the best decision I ever made...I rediscovered my passion and love for the beautiful colours and sweet aroma of flowers! Georgia gave me the confidence to pursue my dream and the skills to follow it through. Her advice throughout was fantastic, her lessons were insightful and the school a joy to attend. I have now started my own weddings and events company and already have lots of confirmed business. I highly recommend Georgia and The Sussex Flower School and will most definitely attend more workshops.'


'I first met Georgia when I was studying City and Guild's Wedding floristry at Plumpton College and found her to be a totally inspiring teacher. Since setting up The Sussex Flower School I have visited several times to learn new techniques or brush up on ones that I need some help with. Having set up my own business I still find that there are times when I need some help or inspiration and I always love spending the day with Georgia. I always leave feeling encouraged and refreshed (and generally full from such a delicious lunch!). She really is a superb teacher- patient, skilful and innovative and her knowledge of flowers is second to none. I highly recommend The Sussex Flower School from both a professional and personal viewpoint.'

Belinda Campopiano www.chezfleur.co.uk

'A few years ago and in need of a change, I enrolled at The Sussex Flower School and met the fabulous Georgia Miles. With patience, kindness and expertise she has guided and advised me on my career path, establishing Moss Bloss as an independant wedding and event florist in Kent. As such, Moss Bloss has been creating beautiful designs around Kent and this stems from the sincerity, warmth and interest shown by Georgia. Enrol at The Sussex Flower School and you can expect fun, care, genuine affection and creativity (and cake!). All the courses are interesting, well balanced and comparably priced. Students couldn't be in better hands! I am happy to count Georgia as not only a mentor but also a friend. Thank you lovely lady!'

Kate Glassock www.mossblossflowers.com 

'By the time I'd found The Sussex Flower School my floral journey had already begun! I'd been put off more formal paths to floristry and just been on a couple of half day course here and there. I'd started growing and arranging flowers by then, based more on instinct than anything else. I feel like my whole learning potential has been opened up by finding Georgia and her unique, relaxed way of teaching. I can literally list the things i's like to learn about and she'll package the day beautifully -from teaching tips on tap, to a wonderful selection of flowers to work with, oh and a yummy lunch too! I wouldn't go anywhere else now, as I have found everything I need under one roof!'

Caroline Oleron www.cherfoldcottageflowers.com 

'I first came across Georgia and The Sussex Flower School nearly three years ago, when having been booked on another floristry course at a local college it was cancelled. Georgia was recommended to me by a friend who had been taught by here, so I booked in for a day's one to one course. I was hooked and went back for another six days over the next six months. Having completed some fairly intensive training and loving every minute of it, I realised that is was actually the growing of the plants and flowers for cutting that really interested me.I am now in the early stages of setting up my business Freya's Flowers with the aim of growing but also incorporating the floristry side as well. Georgia is inspirational and has the most wonderful ability to give you enormous amounts of confidence so that you know you can produce the goods. She has given me a huge amount of support over the last few years for which I am hugely grateful.'

Freya Richards www.freyasflowers.co.uk

'Although in the creative industry, my desk job wasn't for me anymore and as I sat there day in day out dreaming about flowers and styling venues I decided to take the bull by the horns, follow my dreams and study floristry and set up my own business. I couldn't commit to a full three years study, but I knew that with my ideas and experience from doing my own wedding flowers that a career change course would be a fantastic help and I'm so glad this is what I did. After extensive googling I came across Georgia and everything she offered was exactly what I needed and she couldn't have been better in person! Georgia's service is so personla, she invests a lot of time and attention in her students and I came away with a huge amount of knowledge from a week's study that took me on my floral path, all with Georgia's friendship, support and encouragement and most of all the confidence to succeed. She's still always just on the end of the 'phone or e mail and I love turning to her for advice. I can't recommend her enough, she has a unique ability to make you feel special, looked after and no question too silly. I learnt so much I was exhausted and she gave me the self belief to make it work, and I am. Thank you so much.'

Kate Moerel www.raffiandtwine.co.uk

‘The Enchanted Flower’ came about on my yoga Mat! The teacher taking the class asked us to think about our dreams & what we would love to be doing?.. ‘Flowers’ of course, but not only that, an old shepherd's hut popped into my mind!  Little did I know, my next teacher was lined up & sitting on the mat opposite me.. (talk about ‘When the student is ready the teacher will appear!’) Georgia & I were both as shocked as each other when I turned up for my first day at the school & realised that in actual fact we’d shared a yoga class for over a year! Some things are just meant to be.

The inspirational learning environment of The Sussex Flower School gave me the confidence to grow my business into what it is today. The career change course covers everything you will need  to get your business started and you will meet lovely like minded students to share your experiences with. I highly recommend anyone needing help to make their flowery dreams come true, go see Georgia (The flowery godmother!)'

Cara Fox www.theenchantedflower.co.uk

Rebecca Cragg  www.rebeccacraggfloraldesign.co.uk

Jessica Spreadbury-Kaewchan www.wildbarnflowers.co.uk

Christine Bulman www.bloomingawesome.co.uk

Amanda Rousell Amanda Jane Flowers (FB) 

Rebeca Martin  www.paperbotanica.co.uk

Judy Philpott Forage Flowers (FB)

Sharon Honey www.mrshoneysblooms.co.uk

Eithne Hudson www.ivyandtwine.co.uk

Katie Facia www.lotusfloralart.co.uk

Dionne Wickens Heavenly Flowers (FB)

Sam Lane www.lovelaneflowers.co.uk