Weekday Courses

Mastering the Dutch Masters

Suitable for all levels

What does the C17th  Dutch style of floristry mean historically? Is our use of the word to describe a loose, unstructured container of flowers photographed against a dark background correct? 

What are Vanities? Memento mori? What was Tulipomania? We will answer all these questions and delve into the art history too.

Learn how to create this dramatic, asymmetrical, feature design with lots of lovely materials and guidance, using chicken wire as your medium. We will also look at the relevant elements and principles of design to give you some theory...and to help you create recession and depth of field.

This design is great, super flexible. Allowing you to experiment with a looser style, really looking at the form and line of the materials, allowing them to shine - one of my favourites. You will learn how to layer up the design, working with blousy 'Diva' flowers, interesting fillers  whilst also understanding the structural importance of foliage as the scaffolding..

Course includes all materials, containers and cake and coffee.

Of course you also take your design and container home with you.