The Business of Floristry

The Business of Floristry

Suitable for all levels

This course is fabulous for those considering setting up a flowery business. It doesn't matter if you are planning to be studio based, retail, a flower farmer or just a practical hobby florist...

We will discuss all the steps required to starting your business from concept to business plan to bank accounts, branding and suppliers -everything you need on a practical level -crucially, in the correct order.

Next we will discuss the event paper trail and pricing. The most confusing and challenging aspect of running a floristry business. It seems like everyone you talk to has a different method for costing out designs.

I will teach you my method -how to create your own, unique 'Price Skeleton'.

We will discuss how pricing works and what it needs to cover. I will also talk about several things you may have heard of and need clarification e.g.  booking fee, non reduction clauses, exclusivity clauses, fixed price contracts etc

All florists do this a little differently and we can learn from everyone...but at least this will help you create a price list that you are comfortable with., that is relevant to you and your location, brand and business. Then you can take it from there. 

A full day course with refreshments and cake for your brain...please bring your own lunch.