Weekday Courses

Butterflies and Birds - the art of space

Suitable for all levels
Almost every day students say they wish they could create freer designs with less crowding and density. It's a difficult thing!
This course will help you create arrangements that have lots of lovely negative space -room for the butterflies and the birds...

On this short day course we will discuss all things spacious...learning how to use the form and line of the materials to create either a vase or a hand tied bouquet (your choice on the day) . I will show you how to be bold with your choices and design, working confidently without the restrictions of foam.

We will use examples from the history of floristry to teach us to not be scared of that 'empty' space.

This day is mostly about learning to work confidently, loosely, fast and freely using suitable and seasonal materials...really developing your own style.

All materials are provided as well as copious coffee and cake.
There is no lunch provided on this occasion.