Weekday Courses

Meet and Mingle

Suitable for everybody
A new event that we will run every few months...
It's time to connect and spread the love...

A chance to connect in real life with all those names on Social Media...and also to make contacts for freelancing work. Lots of the florists want to meet the freelancers in person first...so get those business cards printed! 

The evening will start at 6pm with wine and nibbles. You will each be given a name badge and a coloured dot. The dot will represent: 

Red: I have work to offer (now or in the future)
Blue: I am looking for Freelance work (now or in the future)
Yellow: I'm a florist/grower 
Green: I'm just starting out...

The evening will be hosted by Georgia with lots of helping hands pouring the wine. 

A fantastic opportunity open to everybody.