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Constance Spry -her legacy

Suitable for all levels
Who was Constance Spry and why is she such an important figure in the world of floristry history?

On this short day course you will be taught all about who she was...florist, cook, teacher, wife, lover and health professional... and how her unique approach to floral design is so important to the modern day florist.

We will cover her life story, her shops, books, vases, royal weddings, her 'white' phase and most importantly her innovative use of materials, containers and found objects..

Georgia will demonstrate two 'typical' Spry inspired designs and discuss mechanics -especially how to create the designs authentically -without the use of floral foam. 

One design will be a large urn and the other a 'Constance Spry' boat vase.

By the way..there is a fabulous exhibition coming to The Garden Museum in London later in the year on Constance Spry...

If you are interested in the History of Floristry then do please e mail me to arrange a session as it is my 'specialist subject'! 

The course includes tea, coffee and cake.