Weekday Courses

Floristry -Going Green

Suitable for all levels
We all know it's time to go as foam free as we can ...not least because clients are requesting it, so there is a definite need to understand the options..

On this full day course we will discuss all the various alternatives to floral foam, where to source them and how to use them. We will also discuss how to 'go green' with flower choice and supplier choice.

After coffee and cake you will each create a flowery funeral tribute (to your design) on a fully biodegradable  base (made by you!) with string, moss, twigs, vials, containers..etc...Funeral work is often our first foray into eco friendly designs as so many venues require it and this is a commonly requested design.

If you particularly don't want to do a funeral design then you don't have to, you can create anything you like... I'll talk to you about all the various techniques available.

Excellent opportunity to add to your portfolio and as always, eat and generally have a great day. so important to be able to 'do' floristry in an Eco friendly way... just look at the @nofloralfoam feed for the numbers of followers and growing interest..

All materials provided and lunch, snacks, coffee etc...