Weekday Courses

The Colour Wheel

suitable for all levels
The Colour Wheel is the most crucial resource for floral design and colour the most relevant of all the elements of design.

As florists or flower arrangers it is the first aspect of our designs we consider so we need to understand it!

We will first look at the 'science' behind the wheel, how it works..what is a hue, tint, tone or shade? Primary, secondary, tertiary? What are colour harmonies? Advancing and Receding colours? Chroma?....

Then we will consider our personal tastes..why are we drawn to certain colours? We will look at cultural. historical and psychological theories. How do we work successfully with colours we may not like?

We will consider colour within designs looking at lighting, photography, location, suitability etc

After a (well deserved!) lunch we will each create a large urn (containers provided for you to keep) using your favourite colours...

All materials are provided.