Weekday Courses

Eco Flower Warriors

Suitable for all levels including beginners
This three day course focusses entirely on the creation of floral designs that are utterly biodegradable and 'Eco aware'... no foam,  no plastic covered wire, no plastic containers, no sprays, no ribbons, no cellophane etc...
The course will run over three days. We will look at all the issues around the floristry industry that may have an impact on the natural world and will examine all the alternatives.
Each day you will create a large design demonstrating how to 'do the flowers' without the need for anything 'nasty'!

Day 1
  • Funeral Tribute -you will design and create a large scale funeral tribute
Day 2
  • Pedestal design -you will design and create a large scale pedestal design
Day 3
  • Wild and Free  big, trailing wedding bouquet